CIBC New Pilot Project Applications

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Wed, 07/12/2017 - 10:26

Nebraska Center for Integrated Studies of Biomolecular Communication (NCIBC)

 REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS: New Pilot Project Applications


NCIBC ( seeks to fund several new Pilot Projects in the center’s focus areas as broadly defined below. Pilot Projects are one year award with a limited possibility of renewal.

Diseases result when the internal stability and normal communications between tissues and cellular pathways are disrupted by genetic defects, environmental disturbances, or pathogens. NCIBC is funded by a Center for Biomedical Research Excellence grant (P20GM113126) from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) to build institutional capacity and infrastructure for basic biomedical research. NCIBC is designed to be a natural mixing chamber to integrate the research activities of chemists, biochemists, engineers, and bioinformaticists to address critical knowledge gaps in our understanding of how cells communicate and to mechanistically define metabolic and regulatory pathways relevant to disease development and progression. NCIBC’s long-term goal is to foster the development of collaborative research teams with broad disciplinary representation to interrogate complex disease pathways, especially by connecting researchers who are developing new molecular probes and analytical and informatics technologies with those unravelling molecular mechanisms of complex diseases.


  • Individuals must qualify as an “Early Stage New Investigator” [1] according to NIH guidelines, have a full-time tenure-leading appointment at UNL or UNMC, and not be supported by another CoBRE Center.
  • The proposed research must fall into the areas of NCIBC focus as listed above with preference given to collaborative projects involving NCIBC members and to projects that will make use of the NCIBC Systems Biology Core and/or Data Management and Analysis Core facilities.
  • NCIBC Pilot Project Leaders must become participating members of the center.

Application Process:

  • Applications must follow the format of the NIH R21 funding mechanism and include: project narrative, specific aims, six-page research plan, NIH biosketch, budget, budget justification, facilities and equipment. All NIH R21 proposal preparation guidelines apply. Plans for collaboration within NCIBC and use of the NCIBC research core facilities should be included in the body of the research plan. A statement of on the status of IRB, IACUC and biosafety/biohazard approvals must be included.
  • The budget may include any expenses covered by a standard NIH R21 grant totaling up to $50,000 in direct costs. Renovation/alteration expenses and indirect (F&A) costs are not allowed.
  • Applications should be submitted in PDF format to by 5 p.m. CST on August 15, 2017. Include the text “NCIBC – Pilot Project” in the subject line of the email.

 Application Review:

Proposals will be reviewed by the Center Co-Directors and members of Internal Mentoring and Advisory Committee (IMAC) using standard NIH review criteria. Top-ranked proposals will be forwarded to the NCIBC external advisory committee members for approval recommendations prior to submission to NIH for final approval. Anticipated Award Notification: September 15, 2017.

 Questions concerning this RFA or the application process, contact:

  • James Takacs, Charles J Mach University Professor of Chemistry:
  • Concetta C. DiRusso, George Holmes University Professor of Biochemistry:


[1] NIH Definition of Early Stage New Investigator: A Program Director/Principal Investigator who qualifies as a New Investigator is considered an Early Stage Investigator (ESI) if he/she is within 10 years of completing his/her terminal research degree or is within 10 years of completing medical residency (or the equivalent) and has not previously competed successfully for an NIH- or NSF-supported research project other than early stage or small research grants or for training, infrastructure, and career awards. See also: